Artep Italy for over 20 years, it is proposed as the ideal partner for private clients, companies contract, supply companies and design studios interior decoration, design and production of individual carpets or dedicated lines. Artep Italy also published collections designed exclusively for design firms and international art.
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The different backgrounds become the parameter with which to divide and present the

rugs of the Antique and Vintage Artep Italia

, with Il Mercante d’Oriente, selected for historical and aesthetic value.

The Traditional rug

, in its many variants and connotations, has represented for millennia the perfect combination of everyday use and work of art. A filter that contains, for those who know how to read it, a snapshot of a historical period, a style of life that cannot leave one unmoved. Each color, symbol, every story and every single knot carries with it a history made with expert hands, traditional materials often handed down from father to son. The following selections include various types of rugs represented by some of the best examples on the market, each provided with Certificates of Authenticity and Warranty.

The only Western nation that has always been known as one of the main centers of production for rugs is Russia. The artifacts of Caucasia and Central Asia, in fact, have had an enormous influence not only on the international market of the carpet, but also on...
In China there is a long tradition of carpet manufacturing and the first, probably a bargaining chip, were made ​​2,000 years ago, and were intended for the court of the Emperor. However, the art of weaving carpets arrived in China only between...
Moroccan selection   Around 1950 in the vast area of the Moroccan Central Plateau, on the slopes of the High Atlas, which includes the city of Beni Mellal Boujad and mostly populated by ethnic groups of Arab origin, finding traditional yarns... S.Anastasia 34
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