Artep Italy for over 20 years, it is proposed as the ideal partner for private clients, companies contract, supply companies and design studios interior decoration, design and production of individual carpets or dedicated lines. Artep Italy also published collections designed exclusively for design firms and international art.
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Selection of modern and innovative style textiles

, thus showing the continuous research of the Ufficio Stile Artep Italia. Through collaborations with young and established designers our intention is to continuously renew the world of

contemporary rugs


Dall’Arte nuova Arte “Nasca dall’arte, nuova arte”; da questo adagio di Nicoletta Malachini prendono forma i dodici soggetti pensati per questa prima serie di
tappeti ispirati alle più celebri opere dell’arte contemporanea
. Dalla...

A collection of carpets that takes inspiration from the matrial influence of marble.
Realized for giving value to modern and designed environments, these rugs are made of Bamboo Silk.
The innovative natural yarn, is taken from the manufacturing of...

L’Arte tocca il Design, Alessandro Mendini ( 2013 )

Textures and materials meet and processing techniques overlap;
hand-knotted in India, the carpet has warp and weft in cotton and fleece in wool and silk
, with the addition of the loop...

Winds full of color

Piero Dorazio with the series “Colors of the East”
in 1989 developed exclusively for Artep Italia five graphic projects inspired by the warm tones of the orient
. Born from a strong artistic temperament,...

is a collection that was unexpectedly created from different personalities of the Office Stile Artep Italia. The carpets here presented, fully customizable by colors and sizes, represent the new trend in the world of textile creation, ranging...

The Cosmo collection of Artep Italia
comes from the constant need to go beyond the technical limits and standard patterns, thus creating
a series of rugs that represents the universe photographed by modern telescopes.
These are unique, vibrant...

Never was there greater customization

A carpet in which your fingerprint
becomes a unique and unrepeatable design. This is the synthesis of a collection that makes customizing a blank canvas. Through the Studio Stile Artep Italia, you can create...

Technique, rigorous poetry 

The collection of Jacques Toussaint carpets
is a world made of signs in which the segment becomes the expressive figure of a clean and minimal search, that “does not chase, often dangerous, literary, theatric or...

Artep Italia presenta
“Henzel Studio Collaborations vol. 1”
collezione esclusiva di tappeti di design e d’arte realizzati dallo studio svedese BY HENZEL
in stretta collaborazione con dodici artisti internazionali...

The rugs of the collection designed by Nino Mustica
, which has made exclusive sketches for Artep, are
handmade according to the most traditional craftsmanship techniques
. They are produced in our laboratories in North India. The production...

Nature at your feet

The carpets of the Nature collection
made with the use of natural fibers such as hemp and linen
. Nature collection is the result of thousands of years of Tibetan weavers combined with simple graphic elements...

Rugs Collection inspired by the collaboration with Studio Nemesi
, which designed in 2015 the Italian Expo pavilion.
The rugs are hand-knotted bamboo silk and wool&viscose blended from North India with an high knot density.
Available in...

The deception of the eye

This entire
collection of colorful rugs
, comes from the desire to create an element of attraction that arouses interest and curiosity. In both
“tone sour tone,” and that of contrasting colors

The form of harmony

Natural and harmonious forms, designed to integrate into modern environments with an elegant and original appearance. These rugs can remind us of stones in a Zen garden, cells under a microscope or splashes of color, no answer is wrong,...

The rainbow at your feet

In the historical tradition, carpets were woven knotting yarn in “traditional” colors often contrasting, and only rarely, in tone-on-tone, since the wool dyeing process remains a complex, laborious and delicate job....

Colore est e pluribus unus

RGB explores the “depth of the surface.” 
RGB designs create surfaces that mutate and interact with different chromatic stimulus.
RGB of Carnovsky
is a
project that experiments with...

Rug by Alessandro Mendini

With the union of the famous flying carpet of our childhood fairy tales and our daily lives, the concept of this collection is born. Alessandro Mendini performs an interpretation of key decorative themes straddling modern living...

Inspired by Nature

The Rugs of the Shizen Collection of Toshiyuki Kita, evoke organic forms inspired by nature, in constant motion, in contrast to the static carpet element. The coming and going of the waves and the leaves blowing in the wind become graphic... S.Anastasia 34
Verona, IT 37121

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