Artep Italy for over 20 years, it is proposed as the ideal partner for private clients, companies contract, supply companies and design studios interior decoration, design and production of individual carpets or dedicated lines. Artep Italy also published collections designed exclusively for design firms and international art.
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Rugs Collection inspired by the collaboration with Studio Nemesi

, which designed in 2015 the Italian Expo pavilion.

The rugs are hand-knotted bamboo silk and wool&viscose blended from North India with an high knot density.

Available in custom size.

The Italian contemporary architectures and urban design in these years had to face a trivialization which brought to a flatted reality and loss in the future perspectives.

Nemesi bring together the contemporary society as an original complex system, conveying this idea throughout its projects, product of a philosophical and scientific research of these complex phenomena. Nemesi follow “the deep” as a stylistic kind – in opposition to the reality simplification – in line with the cultural and aesthetic Italian heritage.

Nemesi was born in 2008 from the architectural and integrated services company named “Nemesi & Partners”, administered by Michele Molè and Susanna Tradati.

tutte le nostre collezioni possono essere realizzate su misura per le tue esigenze, infiniti colori e possibilità di personalizzazione S.Anastasia 34
Verona, IT 37121

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Tel: +39 045 8005050